For any Project, there were certain methodologies implemented which acts as a guide to the project management team.

We follow 3 different types of development modules and select the suitable one for the project.

1. Feature Driven Development (FAD) :
We follow this model in Client Centric projects. In this method, the main functions are applied Iteratively.

First, we develop a Basic Overlap Model. Next, we initiate attributes list. The third and fourth steps in this process include Planning and Building the required designs. Tasks such as detailed modeling, programming, testing, and packaging of the system were implemented in this FAD model.

Applied For: The projects whose requirements were initiated by Clients

2. Waterfall Model :
This model is a sequence oriented process in which the development of a software resembles a Waterfall (flowing steadily downwards).

Each and every step is verified after it’s Completion. From gathering requirements to delivering the product, every phase undergoes strenuous verifications to make sure that our product is free from software and technical glitches.

3. Agile and Scrum :
In case of Short delivery timed projects, we follow Agile and Scrum Methodology, where we monitor the project development on daily basis. The method helps us to accelerate our production in crucial times.

We set timing blocks for Resource management, Product development, Testing Phase and Product Deployment.

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