Business entities are a continuum which must constantly evolve or risk obsolescence. Businesses that extend beyond geographical boundaries are under increasing pressure to inter-operate with systems, applications, and people over the internet.

To meet the changing business landscape with agility, technology transformation too, with richer, more flexible, and more scalable solutions. Over the years it has grown to be an integral part of the business eco system, and has evolved from a support system to an active participant in revenue generating mechanisms.

Many organizations realize that relying exclusively on aging legacy systems will only lead to growing maintenance costs and restrict their ability to leverage modern infrastructures. However, replacing Legacy applications is not easy as they are usually business critical applications with significant investments made in them. Also, these systems have valuable information trapped in them, in the form of proprietary data and file formats. Legacy Applications constitute to over 70 % of corporate IT assets, while continuing to be useful, are hindered by their inability to scale and leverage technology as it evolves, thus losing in utility and service value with time.

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