Why We Prefer AWS Services

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by Amazon.com. The most used service from AWS are Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS.

AWS is a designed for hosting products. Now a days AWS is more popular Services here is some popular sites which use the AWS Services. GoDaddy, Expedia, vodafone…

For transient events like this, AWS makes a lot of sense. The traffic is high during the day, and then will dwindle off, allowing us to manage the amount of server computation needed to host the backend without being tied into a yearlong contract, or paying for power we don’t necessarily need.

I’ve compiled a few of our reasons for choosing AWS and explained them here. So let’s dive in and see why AWS is better than the competition, for big and small users.

On the Go Pricing

Amazon took a refreshing approach to pricing its hosting when launching AWS. Every service is charge depends on usage , meaning you pay for what you use. .

Traditional hardware, for the most part, AWS helps deal with this problem by keeping it cheap during the slow times.


The Elastic Instance Storage speed you can improve by using the different hard drives they provide verity of Hard Drive like SSD which is super fast storage drive now a days.  EC2 which you can use for host your site and they will charged based on the performance on an hourly rate.

You can configure your instance based on your requirement, EC2 is scalable as per you need any time user can change the instance configurations.

You can host your website in different regions. and share the data with each other so in some critical issue if there is change of instance fail it will it will auto switch with another region and sites can remain online and continue generating revenue even with reduced functionality.

The Free Tier

The biggest reason many people do not use AWS is lack of knowledge. EC2 is not like a traditional hosted solution, as it’s designed to bring servers online and offline very quickly as needed. Because of this, many IT professionals were leery of using EC2.

The free tier, which provides enough credit to run an EC2 micro instance 24/7 all month, resolves this. It comes with S3 storage, EC2 compute hours, Elastic Load Balancer time, and much more.


The most important feature in AWS is its flexibility. All the services work and communicate together with your application to automatically judge demand and handle it accordingly.


Access to the AWS resources can be restricted using the IAM, using the roles in IAM we can define the privileges for user actions which greatly reduces any malpractices.

AWS also provides VPC, which can be used to host our services on a private network which is not accessible from the internet. These resources hosted in the private network can be accessed using the Amazon VPN or some open source service like OpenVPN.

Deployment Speed

AWS shrinks that deployment time to minutes. If you utilize their Amazon Machine Images, you can have a machine deployed and ready to accept connections in that short amount of time. This is important when, for example, you are running a promotion that generates tons of traffic at specific intervals, or just need the flexibility to handle the demand when a new product launches.

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